Claim Info

Cascade Farmers Mutual Insurance Company has a trained professional who stand ready to assist you in the event of a loss. We provide trained and state certified independent adjusters to walk you through the evaluation of your claim. All claims are processed directly through our local office by our staff. In the event that you do have a loss there are certain steps you must take to avoid additional damage and to protect your property.

  • Take the necessary measures to do temporary repairs until permanent repairs are able to be completed. This could include insulating and/or sealing damaged areas caused by fire damage, wind, or other hazards.
  • In the event of a loss caused by theft, burglary, vandalism or malicious mischief you must call your local law enforcement to report the event with a description and listing of all property affected.
  • Contact your agent or the local office to report the claim and provide the date, time, and the cause of the loss as well as a description of the property that has been damaged. You must give Cascade Farmers Mutual Insurance and/or it's representatives or independent adjusters an opportunity to review the damage.
  • In the event you have damage to personal property you will need to provide a detailed inventory listing of the damaged property.

Cascade Farmers Mutual Insurance Company takes great pride in our ability to process each claim promptly and efficiently. We make every effort to answer your questions and concerns in a timely manner. Our Claims Department is always available to discuss or review any issues concerning your claim.